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Be Safe Before It Breaks!
Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

Winterizing Sprinkler Systems in Georgia

We have had several reports on pipes bursting in the area and just want to make sure our customers are aware to protect their pipes inside and around their home. Please be sure to drip your faucets to include your outdoor ones.

Just like your home, you need to protect your irrigation system before it freezes. Freezing temps in our area can occur as early as November and as late as March or April. If temperatures reach freezing, any leftover water sitting in the pipes will turn to ice. This will lead to expansion and built-up pressure that can damage your sprinkler system. The pipes will crack, the operating parts may break or become inoperable, and the whole system may become compromised. You’ll have to do serious repairs or even replace the whole system if freezing occurs.

Be sure to check out YouTube for some great how-to videos for an easy do it yourself project!

How do I clear out all the water from my sprinkler system?

This depends on what kind of in-ground sprinkler system you have. Some systems allow drainage of sitting water with manual or automatic valves. However, there are some that need a full blow out.

Manual Valves

If you have a manual valve system, simply turn off the water supply. Then open all the valves to release any sitting water in the piping and backflow device. If the sprinkler heads have something called a check valve (which only lets water flow one way), then you’ll have to turn the sprinkler heads over to let the water drain. Once done, close all the valves.

Automatic Valves

Automatic valves work once the pressure in the pipes falls below a certain level. To activate these, shut off the water supply and leave one of the sprinkler heads on for a few minutes to release the pressure. You’ll probably still have to drain the water from the backflow device and will still need to empty the check valves separately.

Blow Out

Even with either of these valve systems in place, water may still remain in the tiniest nooks and crannies of your irrigation system. To ensure water is completely out of the system, you’ll need to perform a blow out.

A blow out requires using an air compressor to literally blow out all the water in the pipes and backflow device. However, it can be dangerous if you aren’t experienced with this method. When done wrong, it could damage the pipes or send debris flying. That’s why it’s always best to leave it to the professionals to ensure a safe and thorough winterization of your sprinkler system.

Leave It to Peach Lawn Solutions to Winterize Your Sprinkler System Today!

Be sure to check out YouTube for some great how-to videos for an easy do it yourself project!

If you’re still unsure what kind of sprinkler system you have or just don’t want to cause more harm than good, then call up the pros at Peach Lawn Solutions. We’ll ensure a clean and safe blow out of your sprinkler system to have it ready for the winter ahead.

And if you notice that your system isn’t running as well as it should be, let us know. We’re also great when it comes to assessing and repairing any damage to a variety of irrigation systems.

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