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As a full-service lawn care and landscaping company serving neighborhoods of Grovetown, Evans, Martinez, Harlem and Appling in Columbia County, Georgia, our mission is to create and nurture top-quality lawns that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Premier Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Our lawn care service includes weed control, aerations, slit seeding, fertilization and dethatching. Call today to set up your free estimate and lawn care evaluation. Your grass is always greener with the help of the experts at Peach Lawn Solutions.


Getting a healthy and beautiful lawn isn’t rocket science, but it does take time, patience, experience and knowledge. Our basic packages include grass cut, trimming along foundations and flower beds, blow off clippings on all hard surfaces.

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Our landscaping services include mulch, pine straw, flowers, bush planting, trellis and pergola installation and we even offer hardscaping.
We see countless numbers of lawns and have experience to provide you with innovative ideas for sprucing up the look and makeup of your yard.

We are with you every step of the way from consultation, to prep and installation.  Our craftsmanship guarantee ensures that you are proud of the finished product.

“Anthony (owner) did an awesome job on our lawn today. Not only did he come out the same day I called, to give me a free quote. So I knew ahead of time the price. But he also does good work for a fair price. Their website paying options is super easy to use! Happy I went with y’all” 

Recent Work

You’ll notice a night and day difference when you let the pros at Peach Lawn Solutions care for your lawn. We’ve made brown and yellow lawns green again, rid yards of those common (and not so common) weeds, and crafted beautiful landscapes that add much-needed color and life to properties.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to our clients’ lawn care. We specifically treat and maintain your lawn according to its unique needs. Just take a look at all of these unbelievable results we’ve been able to achieve for our customers.

And just think . . . your lawn could be one of them!

About Us

Founded in 2016, Peach Lawn Solutions is a veteran owned lawn solutions company. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and workmanship in a timely manner, while enhancing the beauty and value of every customers’ property.

Peach Lawn Solutions is a full-service lawn care company that offers a wide selection of lawn care and landscaping services including grass cuts, aerations, tree and shrub pruning, pine straw, mulch, irrigation installation and repair, and many more affordable services.

We offer the best services at the most competitive rates making us the lawn care company choice in Grovetown, Evans and Columbia County Georgia.

Recent Posts

Winter Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Care

Winter Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Care

These crazy temperature changes in January 2018 have caused many lawns and landscapes in Evans and Grovetown, Georgia to be stressed and possibly killed. How do we make your property come back to life when spring arrives? If you didn’t prepare your lawn in the fall,...

Winterizing Sprinkler Systems and Pipes

Winterizing Sprinkler Systems and Pipes

Be Safe Before It Breaks! Winterizing Your Sprinkler System Winterizing Sprinkler Systems in Georgia We have had several reports on pipes bursting in the area and just want to make sure our customers are aware to protect their pipes inside and around their home....

Plant Only the Best with Our Flower and Bush Planting Service

Plant Only the Best with Our Flower and Bush Planting Service

Having a hard time deciding which flowers would look great around the house? Not sure how many bushes are too many bushes? When it comes to planting flowers and bushes in your yard, knowing how, where, and what to plant makes all the difference. Depending on the look...