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Are you aware of what the Georgia Fallen Tree Responsibility Law is?

Essentially, it is a law that states if a tree on your property is “visibly dead or diseased,” the tree owner is liable for any damages or injuries that resulted from the accident whether it be from fallen branches of the tree or the tree falling over all together. As you can see ensuring the overall health of your tree can give you the peace of mind that it will not harm others and it can also prevent you being liable for property damages that may occur off or on your property. Therefore, you should always prune a tree when a branch is in contact with any part of your home including your roof, siding, windows and gutters. Not addressing these emergent situations can lead to costly repairs and unnecessary damages to your home.

The experts at Peach Lawn Solutions use safe pruning methods for your trees and property. Our Tree Pruning service is easy an affordable, so why not give Peach Lawn Solutions a call today to schedule your free lawn evaluation. Entrust us to provide you with the curb appeal your house deserves!