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Fertilizer is essential to providing a thick and lush law that is green and vibrant. Like us humans, your grass is a living organism and it needs nutrients to establish and maintain strong roots. There are many fertilizing techniques and I am sure you can Google how to grow and fertilize a lush lawn, but trust me this is something that needs to be left to the experts at Peach Lawn Solutions. You wouldn’t let Hugh Laurie diagnose your child’s fever would you? No you’d leave it to your pediatrician.

Choosing the right fertilizer and time to fertilize is a science. For example, when you buy fertilizer have you ever noticed the three numbers imprinted on the label? Do you know what those indicate? These numbers show the percentage of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium in the fertilizer. Are you aware of the correct percentage of each your lawn needs? Too much can result in your lawn growing faster therefore there would be a need to mow more often.

Call today to set up your free estimate and lawn care evaluation. Your grass is always greener with the help of the experts at Peach Lawn Solutions.