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Shape Your Yard with Visionary Landscaping

Peach Lawn Solutions’ landscapers have a particular eye for design and can turn your yard from boring to extraordinary in no time. From laying out pine straw and mulch to planting and hardscaping—we do it all!

Create Georgia Curb Appeal with Beautiful Landscaping

We’ve all been there. You’re out on the lawn taking in the sun and breathing in the fresh morning air. Then you look across the street to see your neighbor watering their lush and colorful gardens, accented by a few well-trimmed shrubs and accompanied by a refined stone path. Looking at your own yard, you start to wonder how it got so boring all of a sudden.

What if we told you that your lawn could look just as good (or even better) than your neighbors? At least, it can be when you have Peach Lawn Solutions’ team handle all the work. With a little landscaping here and there, you’ll be amazed how your yard comes alive.

Pine Straw and Mulch
Pine straw help keep nutrients in your soil and provides a finished tucked look to your plants, bushes and flower beds. With a pine straw or mulch package from Peach Lawn Solutions your yard is sure to appreciate the extra attention and trust me it will definitely influence your curb appeal.
Bush planting
When it comes to bush planting, knowing what to plant, how and where can make all of the difference. Leave this task to our experts and you won’t regret it.
Not Sure How to Landscape Your Yard?
Peach Lawn Solutions is an expert on landscaping and lawn care needs for every lawn. We’ve seen a number of properties in our days and have spruced them up with innovative landscaping ideas and designs. We provide consultations, prep and installation so you receive the guidance you need every step of the way.

Our services include mulch, pine straw, flowers, bush planting, trellis and pergola installation and hardscaping. Our craftsmanship guarantee ensures that you will be proud of the finished product. Give us a call today for our free landscaping consultation!

Lay a Proper Bed for Your Garden with Pine Straw and Mulch

Pine straw and mulch are essential for protecting your garden from pests and weeds. They help keep nutrients in the soil and provide a finished look to your plants, bushes and flower beds. Most of our clients fall in love with the convenience of pine straw, but we offer plenty of other mulch options as well.

No matter what option you choose, you’ll enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your property when you add flower beds and mulch them routinely.

Transition between Home and Garden with Practical Hardscaping

An all-natural look is never bad, but why not modernize your home and garden with some elegant trellises or pergolas? Maybe even throw in a stone path or two?

At Peach Lawn Solutions, we offer plenty when it comes to creating the perfect transition between your home and gardens. Our hardscaping and installation services add the final touch to your landscaping needs while creating a breathtaking and balanced yard.

Plant Only the Best with Our Flower and Bush Planting Service

Having a hard time deciding which flowers would look great around the house? Not sure how many bushes are too many bushes? When it comes to planting flowers and bushes in your yard, knowing how, where, and what to plant makes all the difference. Depending on the look you’re going for, it often takes a professional hand to make your landscaping look balanced and beautiful. Leave it to the experts at Peach Lawn Solutions to get it done right.

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