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Do you know what thatch is?  Well like many living plants, grass has a belowground root system topped by a living, aboveground shoot that’s green and growing.  In between lays a layer known as thatch.  Some that is natural and good for a lawn, while too much can usher problems.

Thatch is made up of living and dead leaves, stems and roots.  As long as it does not get thicker than ½ to ¾ of an inch, thatch actually contributes to lawn health by:

  • Slowing down water loss
  • Preventing compaction
  • Insulation grass crowns from temperature swings
  • Improving turf tolerance to foot and mower traffic

When you have too much thatch, this can diminish the health of your lawn by:

  • Preventing water and fertilizer from reaching the soil
  • Blocking sunlight from reaching lower glass blades
  • Holding too much moisture against the grass blades, aiding in disease
  • Blocking soil so that grass roots grow into nutrient-lacking thatch, which forms a shallow rooted lawn
  • Creating an uneven lawn

Preventing the over growth of thatch is essential to the health of your lawn.  Thatch is not a one-time fix all problem either, you have to monitor and maintain your lawn to prevent the overgrowth of thatch.   The right amount of maintenance is key, as too much water can lead to rapid thatch formation.  That is why you should leave the ‘guess’ work to the experts here at Peach Lawn Solutions.  We offer free evaluations and affordable packages to ensure your lawn gets the care it needs to flourish.