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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the service lasts
Depending on the lawn size it can take a while. Though even if the process takes time we guarantee first class quality.
Do you have contracts?
We have no contracts! We know how painful this can be and want to keep things as painless as possible. All we ask if for a notice as soon as possible and we will stop service as soon at months end.
How do you price our yard?
We price based upon the size of the property and at times any issues we see that might cause us to do additional work. For example, a lot of concrete to edge around, ease of access to the back of the property, and additional trimming around objects on the property.
I like my yard cut on Friday, can you only service the yard on Friday?
We would love to be able to service your property on the day you request and we will try our best in order to do so. However, some areas we only service on set days in order to save on drive time for the crew working that day.