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Learn about all the intricacies of your lawn and become your very own lawn expert. You’ll be surprised how much there is to know!

Stay Informed and Learn Everything There is to Your Lawn Care

At Peach Lawn Solutions, we like to keep our customers informed on all the best lawn care practices to keep their lawn growing healthy. But sometimes that’s simply not enough. That’s why we’re sharing knowledge with you here on our blog.

Fallen Tree Responsibility Law

Are you aware of what the Georgia Fallen Tree Responsibility Law is? Essentially, it is a law that states if a tree on your property is “visibly dead or diseased,” the tree owner is liable for any damages or injuries that resulted from the accident whether it be from...

Why Fertilize your Lawn?

Fertilizer is essential to providing a thick and lush law that is green and vibrant. Like us humans, your grass is a living organism and it needs nutrients to establish and maintain strong roots. There are many fertilizing techniques and I am sure you can Google how...

Crepe Myrtle Pruning

Crepe Myrtle can be a beautiful tree to have in your yard with proper pruning and shaping. Pruning and shaping isn’t only for looks it is a necessary routine to keep the overall health of your tree. It takes special skill to properly shape and allow for new growth. If...


Do you know what thatch is?  Well like many living plants, grass has a belowground root system topped by a living, aboveground shoot that’s green and growing.  In between lays a layer known as thatch.  Some that is natural and good for a lawn, while too much can usher...

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